Terms and Conditions

IECA Member Network

Community Rules, Etiquette, and Privacy Guidelines

PART I: Confidentiality
The IECA Member Network is a private, closed discussion forum for the exclusive use of IECA professional, associate, and student members. Only IECA member consultants can read or post to this forum.

The forwarding or sharing of content from the IECA Member Network beyond the IECA membership is forbidden without the author(s)’s prior and specific written permission. IECA staff will immediately terminate the IECA Member Network access of anyone who violates this confidentiality standard and will then refer the matter to the IECA Committee on Ethics & Professional Practices, initiating a formal grievance procedure that may result in suspension of or removal from membership.

PART 2: Appropriate Content
The IECA Member Network is a professional communications forum, and postings should address professional issues of interest to the membership or to a substantial subgroup within the membership. Postings that are self-promotional or that promote events, products, or initiatives in which the author has a financial stake are not acceptable.

Job openings may not be posted in the Member Network. Instead, they should be posted in the IECA Career Center.

Reposting articles from behind paywalls of other websites is prohibited.

Personal postings and one-to-one responses should be directed to individuals, not the entire community. The posting of jokes is discouraged. Because IECA is a Section 501(c)(6) organization, the Member Network may not be used as a forum to discuss unrelated political issues or to advocate for or against candidates at any level.

IECA staff will contact anyone who violates these standards, any may place violators on ‘moderation’ which will likely delay their posts for many days, and repeat offenders may lose access to the Member Network and may be referred to the IECA Committee on Ethics & Professional Practices for further action. See Part 6 below for additional information.

PART 3: Appropriate Inquiries
The IECA Member Network is a resource and a learning tool, and as such, members are encouraged to seek advice and input via the Member Network and are encouraged to respond to inquiries in the same collegial spirit. However, inquiries may not take the place of, and should not appear to be in lieu of the independent research and work that are necessary aspects of every IEC’s practice. Nor may inquiries represent an attempt to gain quick information to assist a client in a specialty area that is beyond the scope of one’s practice or expertise. IECA staff will contact anyone who violates these standards and repeat offenders may lose access to the Member Network and may be referred to the IECA Committee on Ethics & Professional Practices for further action. See Part 6 below for additional information.

PART 4: Format for Postings
To maximize the efficiency and usefulness of the Member Network:

Post your messages in the appropriate community (School, College, Therapeutic, Graduate School, etc.). You may cross-post messages that are appropriate for more than one community.

All inquiries should include:

  • An opening sentence briefly stating the type of assistance sought.
  • A concise explanation of the case without compromising the client’s right to confidentiality.
  • A summary of research already done.
  • An indication that a summary of suggestions received will be posted (if that is the intent).

PART 5: Collegiality
Subscribers to the IECA Member Network are expected to communicate professionally and respectfully. Members should refrain from making negative assumptions about an author’s intentions or responding to inquiries in an accusatory or contentious manner. All concerns about postings should be directed to Sue DePra for appropriate follow-up. IECA staff will contact anyone who does not conduct himself or herself appropriately and repeat offenders may lose access to the Member Network. See Part 6 below for additional information. 

PART 6: Enforcing Rules for Member Network Participation

Violations of these Terms & Conditions, including self-promotion, disrespect of peers, posting political opinions, and other misuse, will be addressed by staff in the following actions:

IECA staff will contact violators individually to remind them about proper use of the Network. Staff will enforce the following actions for those who violate Network rules:

  1. Place repeat offenders under moderation, requiring their emails to be reviewed by staff before appearing on the Network. This process will likely delay posts by a week. Moderation could be imposed for a period of up to six months.
  2. Place a member in temporary suspension from the Member Network when the violation is serious or when a member who has been through moderation continues to violate the community rules. Suspension could last up to six months. IECA staff will inform the Vice President for Ethics & Professional Practices when such action is taken.
  3. Permanent ban from the Member Network would be imposed for those who continue to violate community rules despite previous warnings and/or whose violations are grievous. Such action will be taken only upon approval of the VP for Ethics, upon recommendation of staff.

The IECA Ethics Committee retains the right to take additional action for Network violations.

PART 7: Liability
IECA Member Network postings, like all communications, are subject to a variety of laws (i.e. Defamation, Copyright, Antitrust). IECA cannot be held liable for statements made by those participating in the Member Network. And while IECA will work hard to maintain the confidentiality of the Member Network, confidentiality is not and cannot be guaranteed. Subscribers should use good judgment and caution when posting to the Member Network.

IECA's Privacy Policy
IECA's Privacy Policy can be found at this link.

Participation in the Member Network in any way constitutes an agreement by the member to abide by these Terms and Conditions as set forth in this IECA Community Rules, Etiquette, and Privacy Guidelines document. 

I understand that if I violate any of these policies, I will be subject to the indicated consequences.