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  • IECA's Fall Conference

    Nov 6 - 8, (ET)
    IECA’S FALL CONFERENCE Atlanta • November 6–8, 2019 Our featured speakers include President of   Morehouse College, David Thomas; Author Laurie Guest; Author and Thought Leader,   Jessica Potts Lahey; and Senior VP for Student Success, Timothy Renick,   Georgia State University. Our Master Class will focus on treating anxiety disorders in adolescents, with speakers   Raymond Kotwicki, Charles Brady, and Kathryn Boger. Our conference will also feature over 70 educational breakout sessions:   link.iecaonline.com/breakouts . More information and a link to registration can be found at link.iecaonline.com/Conference-IECs Campus tour information can be found here: link.iecaonline.com/Conference-Tours .

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    There seem to be differing opinions in this regard.  Hi. I worked with a student in a similar situation last year. It really does depend on the school. You should contact each of the schools to find out. Hope this helps. Limited experience but ...

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    "If you used any outside sources when crafting your essays, please list them here. Also, if someone helped you through proofreading, editing, or essay formulation, include their names and relationships with you here." As my colleague stated yesterday, ...

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    Chicago - Lab School

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    Dear Chicago-area colleagues, I am helping out a friend's son, 16 yr old 10th grader, who is 2e (twice exceptional) with an Aspergers profile (I like this better for him than ASD1). He is both super funny, brilliant in math-sci areas, and also can ...