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    CSU Northridge Film

    Posted in: IECA College

    This is my second request of the day and am hoping for more great feedback. I have a student accepted to several CSUs-SF, Long Beach and Northridge. He is particularly interested in the Northridge Film School. If you have any insights or students he ...

  • Posted in: IECA College

    Here are two more responses. Replying as a parent vs IEC (i am a K-12 consultant). My daughter has several friends at Mac and looked at it for herself too. Those friends love how nice everyone is, said they were well prepared for the academics ...

  • Posted in: IECA College

    Dear Colleagues, I am working with a young man who really wants to be a nurse and yet wants to pole vault in college.  I have explained the difficulties in pursing this course since labs are very difficult to make up. Still, he persists and of course ...